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Lower Test Toil With Better Local Testing February 16, 2024
Michael Whittaker
How to catch more bugs, faster.
Improve Cloud Efficiency with Service Weaver February 8, 2024
Shane Ouchi
Why organizations can look to Service Weaver to improve cloud application efficiency.
Service Weaver and Kubernetes November 9, 2023
Robert Grandl
Quick summary on how to deploy Service Weaver applications on Kubernetes.
A History of Service Weaver's Core API August 16, 2023
Sanjay Ghemawat, Michael Whittaker
A summary of all the changes we made to Service Weaver's core API over the last two years.
Using Advanced Go Features to Detect Stale Code August 9, 2023
Michael Whittaker
A deep dive on the advanced, and sometimes esoteric, ways we use Go to detect when you forget to run weaver generate.
Strongly Typed Metric Labels Using Generics in Go August 1, 2023
Michael Whittaker
An exploration of how Service Weaver's metrics API uses generics to implement strongly typed labels.
Monolith or Microservices or Both May 16, 2023
Robert Grandl
Vision paper on monolith vs. microservices
CORBA vs. the Fallacies of Distributed Computing April 17, 2023
Michael Whittaker
Is Service Weaver doomed to failure, just like CORBA?
How to Implement a Service Weaver Deployer April 5, 2023
Michael Whittaker
A tutorial on how Service Weaver deployers work and how to implement one from scratch
A Quick Introduction to Service Weaver March 1, 2023
Robert Grandl
A Quick Introduction to Service Weaver